Commit 09e3bce5 authored by Sebastian Wolf's avatar Sebastian Wolf

Adjust GitLab CI

parent b7df87cc
Pipeline #1170 failed with stages
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stages: stages:
- build_homepage - build_homepage
- build_gcc
- test_gcc
- build_gcc_nocheck - build_gcc_nocheck
- test_gcc_nocheck - test_gcc_nocheck
- code_coverage
- build_python2 - build_python2
- build_python3 - build_python3
- test_python2 - test_python2
...@@ -25,15 +24,6 @@ job_build_homepage: ...@@ -25,15 +24,6 @@ job_build_homepage:
- master - master
allow_failure: true allow_failure: true
stage: build_gcc
script: "g++ --version; cp .gitlab-ci-configs/; make XerusTest"
when: always
stage: test_gcc
script: "echo $CI_COMMIT_SHA; ./XerusTest all"
job_make_gcc_nocheck: job_make_gcc_nocheck:
stage: build_gcc_nocheck stage: build_gcc_nocheck
script: "g++ --version; cp .gitlab-ci-configs/; make XerusTest" script: "g++ --version; cp .gitlab-ci-configs/; make XerusTest"
...@@ -42,6 +32,11 @@ job_test_gcc_nocheck: ...@@ -42,6 +32,11 @@ job_test_gcc_nocheck:
stage: test_gcc_nocheck stage: test_gcc_nocheck
script: "echo $CI_COMMIT_SHA; ./XerusTest all" script: "echo $CI_COMMIT_SHA; ./XerusTest all"
stage: code_coverage
script: "g++ --version; cp .gitlab-ci-configs/; make test"
when: always
job_build_python2: job_build_python2:
stage: build_python2 stage: build_python2
script: "g++ --version; cp .gitlab-ci-configs/; make python2" script: "g++ --version; cp .gitlab-ci-configs/; make python2"
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