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some cleanup

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......@@ -65,12 +65,6 @@ extern "C"
namespace xerus {
namespace blasWrapper {
// the following routines use a work array as temporary storage
// to avoid the overhead of repeated reallocation for many small calls, every thread pre-allocates a small scratch-space
// const size_t DEFAULT_WORKSPACE_SIZE = 1024*1024;
// thread_local value_t defaultWorkspace[DEFAULT_WORKSPACE_SIZE]; // NOTE recheck compatibility with eigen (dolfin) when reinserting this!
/// @brief stores in @a _out the transpose of the @a _m x @a _n matrix @a _in
void low_level_transpose(double * _out, double * _in, size_t _m, size_t _n) {
for (size_t i=0; i<_m; ++i) {
......@@ -241,8 +235,7 @@ namespace xerus {
// Transpose input matrices
low_level_transpose(a_t.get(), a, m, n);
LAPACK_dgesdd( &job, &m, &n, a_t.get(), &m, s, u_t.get(), &m, vt_t.get(),
&min, work, &lwork, iwork, &info );
LAPACK_dgesdd( &job, &m, &n, a_t.get(), &m, s, u_t.get(), &m, vt_t.get(), &min, work, &lwork, iwork, &info );
REQUIRE(info == 0, "dgesdd failed with info " << info);
// Transpose output matrices
// low_level_transpose(a, a_t.get(), n, m);
......@@ -257,9 +250,8 @@ namespace xerus {
lapack_int m = lapack_int(_m);
lapack_int n = lapack_int(_n);
lapack_int lwork = -1;
std::unique_ptr<lapack_int[]> iwork(new lapack_int[std::max(1,8*std::min(m,n))]);
lwork = dgesdd_get_workarray_size(m, n);
lapack_int lwork = dgesdd_get_workarray_size(m, n);
std::unique_ptr<double[]> work(new double[lwork]);
dgesdd_work( m, n, _A, _S, _U, _Vt, work.get(), lwork, iwork.get());
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