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add test for chop

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import unittest
import numpy as np
import xerus as xe
def build_TestChop(seed, num_tests, max_order=20, max_dimension=100, max_rank=30):
random = np.random.RandomState(seed)
orders = random.randint(low=1, high=max_order+1, size=num_tests)
dimensions = [random.randint(low=1, high=max_dimension, size=order) for order in orders]
ranks = [random.randint(low=1, high=max_rank, size=(order-1)) for order in orders]
def test(dimensions, ranks):
def test_chop(self):
A = xe.TTTensor.random(dimensions.tolist(), ranks.tolist())
L,l,e,r,R = xe.indices(5)
mirrored = lambda pos:
for corePosition in range(
Al,Ar = A.chop(corePosition)
Ac = A.get_component(corePosition)
res = xe.TensorNetwork()
res(L^corePosition,e,R^mirrored(corePosition)) << Al(L&1,l) * Ac(l,e,r) * Ar(r,R&1)
# norm(A - res)**2 == norm(A)**2 - 2*inner(A,res) + norm(res)**2
nA = xe.frob_norm(A)
nres = xe.frob_norm(res)
inner = xe.Tensor()
inner() << A(e&0) * res(e&0)
self.assertLessEqual(nA**2 - 2*inner[0] + nres**2, 5e-5)
return test_chop
name = lambda d,r: "test_chop_{}_{}".format(".".join(d.astype(str)), ".".join(r.astype(str)))
odir = {name(d,r): test(d,r) for d,r in zip(dimensions, ranks)}
return type("TestChop", (unittest.TestCase,), odir)
TestChop = build_TestChop(0, 100, 4)
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