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Release v3.0.0

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Potentially breaking changes are marked with an exclamation point '!' at the begin of their description.
* 2017-??-?? v3.0.0
* 2017-05-29 v3.0.0
* Python wrapper now stable.
* ! REQUIRE macro now logs as error instead of fatal error.
* ! All macros and preprocessor defines now use the XERUS_ prefix. The file changed accordingly.
* ! TT::find_largest_entry and TT::dyadic_product left the TT scope.
* ! Tensor::modify_diag_elements renamed to Tensor::modify_diagonal_entries for naming consistency.
* Much faster solve of matrix equations Ax=b by exploiting symmetry and definiteness where possible. This directly speeds up the ALS as well.
* Added a highly optimized minimal version of the ALS algorithm as xALS.
* Added Tensor.one_norm() and one_norm(Tensor) to calculate the one norm of a Tensor.
* New documentation ('make doc') and homepage.
* Some minor bugfixes and performance improvements.
* 2016-06-23 v2.4.0
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