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......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ void expose_ttnetwork(module& m) {
.def("use_dense_representations", &TTTensor::use_dense_representations)
.def_static("reduce_to_maximal_ranks", &TTTensor::reduce_to_maximal_ranks)
// .def("degrees_of_freedom", static_cast<size_t (TTTensor::*)()>(&TTTensor::degrees_of_freedom))
// .def("degrees_of_freedom", static_cast<size_t (TTTensor::*)() const>(&TTTensor::degrees_of_freedom)) // NOTE overloading a method with both static and instance methods is not supported
.def_static("degrees_of_freedom", static_cast<size_t (*)(const std::vector<size_t>&, const std::vector<size_t>&)>(&TTTensor::degrees_of_freedom))
.def("chop", &TTTensor::chop, arg("position"))
/* +[](TTTensor &_this, size_t _pos) { */
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