Commit 80e8f787 authored by Fuchsi*'s avatar Fuchsi*

print buildlog in codeCoverage CI independent of build success (while preserving exit status)

parent f120d2ce
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......@@ -35,7 +35,7 @@ job_test_gcc_nocheck:
stage: code_coverage
script: "g++ --version; cp .gitlab-ci-configs/; mkdir -p build; make test &> build/build_output.txt; tail -n 500 build/build_output.txt"
script: "g++ --version; cp .gitlab-ci-configs/; mkdir -p build; make test &> build/build_output.txt || { tail -n 500 build/build_output.txt && false; }; tail -n 500 build/build_output.txt"
when: always
expire_in: 3h
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