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fix segfault in test_pickle

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import unittest import unittest
import numpy as np import numpy as np
import xerus as xe import xerus as xe
import pickle try:
# python2
# Here cPickle has to be used instead of pickle and a protocol version newer 2.0 has to be used.
# From the documentation:
# Note that only the cPickle module is supported on Python 2.7.
# The second argument to dumps is also crucial: it selects the pickle protocol version 2,
# since the older version 1 is not supported. Newer versions are also fine - for instance,
# specify -1 to always use the latest available version.
# Beware: failure to follow these instructions will cause important pybind11 memory
# allocation routines to be skipped during unpickling, which will likely lead to memory
# corruption and/or segmentation faults.
import cPickle
assert '2.0' in cPickle.compatible_formats
dumps = lambda o: cPickle.dumps(o, protocol=-1)
loads = cPickle.loads
except ImportError:
# python3
from pickle import dumps, loads
def generate_random_tttensors(num_tests, max_order, max_dimension, max_rank, random): def generate_random_tttensors(num_tests, max_order, max_dimension, max_rank, random):
...@@ -23,8 +42,8 @@ def __test_tensor(A): ...@@ -23,8 +42,8 @@ def __test_tensor(A):
name = "test_pickle_" + "-".join(map(str, A.dimensions)) name = "test_pickle_" + "-".join(map(str, A.dimensions))
def test_pickle(self): def test_pickle(self):
bytes = pickle.dumps(A) bytes = dumps(A)
Au = pickle.loads(bytes) Au = loads(bytes)
self.assertEqual(Au.dimensions, A.dimensions) self.assertEqual(Au.dimensions, A.dimensions)
self.assertLessEqual(xe.frob_norm(A-Au), 1e-16) self.assertLessEqual(xe.frob_norm(A-Au), 1e-16)
...@@ -40,6 +40,8 @@ class TestTensor(unittest.TestCase): ...@@ -40,6 +40,8 @@ class TestTensor(unittest.TestCase):
a = xe.Tensor() a = xe.Tensor()
xe.Tensor(a) xe.Tensor(a)
# xe.Tensor(tensor_network) # xe.Tensor(tensor_network)
def test_create_tensors(self): def test_create_tensors(self):
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