Commit 325e579a authored by Philipp  Trunschke's avatar Philipp Trunschke
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make TTOperator picklable

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......@@ -79,6 +79,14 @@ void expose_ttnetwork(module& m) {
m.def("dyadic_product", static_cast<TTTensor (*)(const std::vector<TTTensor> &)>(&dyadic_product));
class_<TTOperator, TensorNetwork>(m, "TTOperator")
[](const TTTensor &_self) { // __getstate__
return bytes(misc::serialize(_self));
[](bytes _bytes) { // __setstate__
return misc::deserialize<TTTensor>(_bytes);
.def(init<const Tensor&>())
.def(init<const Tensor&, value_t>())
.def(init<const Tensor&, value_t, size_t>())
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