Commit 26427e95 authored by Ben Huber's avatar Ben Huber

fixed compilation of make fullTest

parent 8e5f8e12
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......@@ -271,9 +271,9 @@ endif
# Build and execution rules for tutorials
build/.tutorialObjects/%: %.cpp $(MINIMAL_DEPS) $(LIB_NAME_STATIC)
build/.tutorialObjects/%: %.cpp $(MINIMAL_DEPS) build/libxerus.a build/libxerus_misc.a
mkdir -p $(dir $@)
$(CXX) -I include $< build/libxerus.a build/libxerus_misc.a $(SUITESPARSE) $(LAPACK_LIBRARIES) $(BLAS_LIBRARIES) $(CALLSTACK_LIBS) $(FLAGS) -MMD -o $@
# Build rule for the preCompileHeader
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