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Added spines to use in the office (Waking World+Dream World).

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# Concepts and ideas
## Voice Lines
### Waking World
#### Hallway
- Finally, back home. In an empty apartement. Same shit as every day.
- I'm so tired, I could fall asleep on the spot. I should really get to bed.
- Gosh, already past midnight. I really should have gotten that project done. Might as well go to bed already. So I can get up early.
#### Kitchen
- I should really do the dishes. I wish they would just vanish or fly away or something.
- This place needs to be cleaned up. Not tonight though.
- Jeez, that pile of plates keeps getting taller and taller. I should be able to climb that by now.
- I'm so exhausted, I'm not even hungry anymore.
- When did ... *this* happen? Me growing up? What happened to the times when I was younger and tried to reach that cookie jar on the shelf?
#### Office
- [towards computer] That blank space looking at me all the time. I should really get some work done. But I'm too exhausted.
- If only I needed less sleep. I could get so much more things done.
- I should be more motivated to achieve my goals. This one book nailed it. I just have to push myself even further.
- I really need to change habits to stay awake longer. Not there yet.
- Plant's still growing. Easy life.
#### Living Room
- It's sad that my bed is the only thing in this room that I actually care about.
- Not that much to do in here. I wish I could say something else about my life in general.
- Look at those pictures. Little windows into different worlds. If only it were so easy.
### Dream World
#### Hallway
- [Entry] Next day. Same shitty life.
#### Labyrinth
- [Entry] That's strange. I thought this was the kitchen. I am really getting forgetful.
- Okay, something's not right here. But I can't pinpoint exactly what.
- Why does it feel so familiar that everything looks the same?
- A door after a door after a door. And they all slam shut in your face. What else is life?
- [Bei Betreten des Raums mit Buch] That's new. [pause] Wait, I read this book before. Why am I only now realizing its deeper meaning?
#### Kitchen
- [Entry] I knew it was going to be a problem if I kept putting off doing the dishes ...
- Everything is so much bigger. I must be younger now. I should get on that shelf, like I always did.
- [Eventuell Interaktion mit Tür zurück einbauen:] No getting away this time.
- [Vl. vor Pizzarkartons oder letzter Teller-Jumppassage:] Seems like I have to take a leap of faith to keep moving forward.
#### Office
- All these books won't help me get out this mess.
- [am besten so beim Durchschreiten der Tür zum zweiten der drei Arbeiszimmer-Versionen:] My pile of work is just too big. I am too small a man to fix this all by myself.
#### Living Room
- [Entry] So that's what would happen if I didn't take care of the plants.
- My pictures on the wall have vanished. But I don't want to lose these memories.
- [interact with city photo] My first day in the big city. I was so naive back then. A whole life in front of me. Just look at me now.
- [interact with bird photo] Hey, little fella. I totally forgot about you. What a precious little moment we shared.
- [interact with beach photo] I think that day at the beach was the last time I really felt in touch with myself.
- [interact with couple photo] When was the last time I saw Ariadne? Seems like forever. I should really give them a call. I don't want to lose them too.
- [interact with photo wall] I see now that I need a change. I really do. Will I still remember this when I wake up?
## Error message jumping puzzle
Player enters the scene, which is empty. When the player moves forward, an error
message pops up (sound!). The player needs to remove this error message. If the player
takes too long, we might create a visual effect to hint at the "close" button on
the message. After the player closes the message, they can move on. After a few meters,
multiple error messages pop up in a short time frame (overlapping error sounds): The
"jumping puzzle" is revealed.
### Error messages
General Error messages
- A problem has been detected and the computer has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
- The action could not be completed.
- Wrong information.
- Task failed.
Error messages concerning self
- If this is the first time you've seen this Stop error screen, restart your computer. - If that doesn't work, restart yourself.
- Your PC ran into a problem that it couldn't handle, and now it needs to restart. - Don't you feel the same way sometimes?
Error narrative 1: energy
- 0190: Critical low-battery error.
- The computer has to shut shut down, because the battery is low.
- Connect the ac power adapter to the computer and charge the battery, or replace the battery with a fully charged one.
- If that does not work, try replacing your own battery.
- If that does not work, try using your imagination as power source.
- Fly. Marvel. Dream.
- Can you feel it?
- A new dawn.
Error narrative 2: broken
- The system encountered an uncorrectable hardware error.
- It seems like something is broken.
- Irrecoverably broken.
- Don't you feel broken sometimes, too?
- What does that even mean? Being broken, being fixed?
- They want you to function all the time.
- Like a machine.
- But you can't. You won't.
- You're still a human after all.
- You have a soul. You can dream.
- So dream.
Error narrative 3: work
- Fatal error, the computer stopped working.
- Are *you* working?
- When have you stopped working the last time?
- I mean, you're even working in your dreams.
- Completing all these tasks.
- Just to do what?
- Winning a game?
- Maybe you're not so free after all.
## Spines [Buchrücken]
### Waking World
- The Arrogance Principle, Optimize Yourself, Self-Optimization, The Goals of Life, Success, The Boss of It All, The Conversation, Body Language, Silent People, A New Life, The Superhero, Satisfaction, The One Thing, The 7 Ways of Effectivity, The Principles of Success, Making Friends, The Big Five, High Performance, Take me!, Bullshit, The Secret to Enthusiasm, The Penguin Principle, The Career Bible, It's Simple
### Dream World
(Hier würde ich aus dem Großteil der Buchrücken einfach Gibberish machen)
Ich würde ansonsten ab und zu mehrere Titel nebeneinanderstellen, die dann eine versteckte Botschaft enthüllen:
- You / Work / Too Much
- Stop / Rolling / The Stone
- You Are Not / A Machine
- You Are / A Slave / To Their Ideals
- There Is A Way / Out
- A Rat / In A Maze
- Help Yourself
- Let It Go
Denkt ihr dran, den "Kapital"-Platzhalter im Traum-Labyrinth rauszunehmen zu "The Myth of Sisyphus"/"Le Mythe De Sisyphe"?
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