Commit 775a87d7 authored by Tobias Bengfort's avatar Tobias Bengfort
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use utility for filter margin

parent 58f14525
......@@ -279,7 +279,6 @@ a.card:hover {
#filters label {
cursor: pointer;
margin-bottom: 0.4em;
#filter-all:not(:checked) ~ #filter-full-game:not(:checked) ~ .tiles [data-category="full game"],
#filter-all:not(:checked) ~ #filter-jam:not(:checked) ~ .tiles [data-category="jam"],
......@@ -9,10 +9,10 @@
<input type="radio" form="filters" name="game-filter" class="visually-hidden" id="filter-prototype">
<form id="filters" aria-label="Filters" class="text-center mt-2">
<label for="filter-all" class="btn bg-brand">All</label>
<label for="filter-full-game" class="btn bg-brand">full game</label>
<label for="filter-jam" class="btn bg-brand">jam</label>
<label for="filter-prototype" class="btn bg-brand">prototype</label>
<label for="filter-all" class="btn bg-brand mb-1">All</label>
<label for="filter-full-game" class="btn bg-brand mb-1">full game</label>
<label for="filter-jam" class="btn bg-brand mb-1">jam</label>
<label for="filter-prototype" class="btn bg-brand mb-1">prototype</label>
<ul class="tiles mt-2 mb-3">
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