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Releases HamSql v0.8.0.0

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- Fixes unresolvable dependencies via new pandoc version
- Replaces pandoc with doctemplates to halve dependency compile time
Big thanks to @jgm for implementing doctemplates right away!
- Adds --delete-residual-roles option (closes #30)
- Adds --sql-log-hide-rollbacks option (closes #55)
- Adds Internal libraries to exposed modules
- Adds dropping of basic role privileges (#37)
- Changes YamSql objects to Internal.Obj.* (closes #58)
- Changes to a better SqlObj and SqlContext structure (closes #60)
- Changes to treat columns as independent objects (closes #33)
- Updates README
- Fixes all compiler warnings
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ update-and-build: update build
cabal sandbox init
cabal update
cabal install -ffast --allow-newer --force-reinstalls --only-dependencies --disable-optimization
cabal install -ffast --force-reinstalls --only-dependencies --disable-optimization
cabal configure --disable-optimization --enable-coverage --enable-tests
......@@ -34,8 +34,7 @@ install:
cabal clean
find src/ \( -name '*.hi' -or -name '*.o' \) -exec rm {} ';'
-rm -r .cabal-sandbox/ cabal.sandbox.config
cabal sandbox delete
cabal sandbox init
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