Commit bc7bc0c6 authored by Michael Herold's avatar Michael Herold
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Releases v0.6.0

Includes small fix for IDN display.
parent b5a5a5ff
- Fixes missing unicode support for requests.
- Adds config fields 'site_information_url' and 'footer'
- [dns] Adds support for NS, SSHFP and TXT resource records
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ class RegisteredDetails extends Window
$domUtf8 = Utils::idnToUtf8Bijection($dom);
$container = new form\Container;
$container->addChild(new html\Str($dom));
$container->addChild(new html\Str($domUtf8));
$servicesActive = $this->db->serviceSelect($dom)->fetchAll();
if (!empty($servicesActive)) {
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