Commit 550940ca authored by Michael Herold's avatar Michael Herold
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[dns] Adds support for Ed25519 for SSHFP RRs

parent 1b77054e
......@@ -256,14 +256,15 @@ class CustomCreate extends Window
$algorithm = new form\FieldSelect('algorithm', _('Algorithm'));
$algorithm->addOption('', '');
$algorithm->addOption('1', 'RSA');
$algorithm->addOption('2', 'DSS');
$algorithm->addOption('1', '1: RSA');
$algorithm->addOption('2', '2: DSS');
$fptype = new form\FieldSelect('fptype', _('Fingerprint Type'));
$fptype->addOption('', '');
$fptype->addOption('1', 'SHA-1');
$fptype->addOption('2', 'SHA-256');
$fptype->addOption('3', 'ECDSA');
$fptype->addOption('1', '1: SHA-1');
$fptype->addOption('2', '2: SHA-256');
$fptype->addOption('3', '3: ECDSA');
$fptype->addOption('4', '4: Ed25519');
$fingerprint = new form\FieldText('fingerprint', _('Fingerprint'));
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